Wednesday, October 15, 2008

titiwangsa packing list

| packing list | advice on what to pack for a 4 days trans titiwangsa trek if you plan to camp at peaks | if your pack is heavy, the final ascent to the peak will be tough as you will need to take up about an extra 3 kilogrammes of water for use at the peak | toiletries | no need for soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush or any other toiletry item as there will not be enough water | water must be carried to the peaks | during the trek there is no point in washing as you will get dirty quickly | bring 1 small towel to keep clean and medicated powder to keep dry | basic swiss army knife | nail clippers | wearables | 1 long sleeve collared t-shirt (or alternatively 1 short sleeve t-shirt with a pair of roll on sleeves), 1 pair lightweight and quick to dry long pants, 1 pair of gloves and 1 pair of thick socks, all for day use during trekking on all days | 1 pair of sturdy hiking shoes | 1 pair of leech socks for use at lower elevations to protect legs from leeches, sandflies and other creepy crawlies | 5 underwears | 2 pagoda t-shirts, 2 lightly padded jacket, 1 pair of track pants and 1 pair of shorts for sleeping | 1 pair of lightweight slippers | food | bring only dry food, eg instant noodles and powdered soup, as wet food is heavier | 1 lightweight cooking pot with cover | 1 lightweight cup | 1 spoon and 1 fork | 2 gas tank and 1 burner | 2 1.5 litres plastic bottles | 1 1 litre plastic bottle | pharmaceuticals | flu tablets | merck ultracarbon charcoal tablets | anti-fungal cream | metholatum deep heat cream | cod liver oil capsules | oral rehydration salts | anti-histamines tables | multi-vitamin tablets | handyplast | you need to keep healthy | gear | 1 sleeping bag | 1 groundsheet | 1 poncho | 1 headband torchlight | 1 lightweight tent but this can be shared with up to 3 others | 1 lightweight internal frame backpack of about 70 litres capacity | it is not the size that matters but the weight | internal frame will help place the weight on the hips which is where your body can most effectively carry it | to view the arguments in favour of internal frame backpacks, please click here | deuter internal frame backpacks are obtainable in malaysia and is highly recommended by experienced trekkers | hope the foregoing helps you in preparing for a trans titiwangsa trek | resources | to get more ideas for ultralight backpacking, please click here or please click here |

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