Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yong belar-gayong-korbu trek day 4

| 14 october 2008 | woke up at 6.45 am | cooked and ate breakfast | as with other mornings did not wash up or brush teeth to conserve water which had to be brought to the campsites which were situated at mountain peaks | changed from sleeping clothes which had been used for all 3 nights during the trek and changed into the trekking clothes which had been used for 3 previous days of the trek | putting on the trekking clothes was quite a challenging proposition and was most difficult on the first morning but got easier | at 8.45 am broke camp, took group photo and started the descent from the peak of gunung korbu to the gates of the road leading to the dam | reached the gates and the ending point of the trek at about 5.40 pm | the trek can be broken up into 4 stretches | the first stretch is the usual steep mountain descent involving the use of ropes | it was reasonably treacherous but not more than expected | the second stretch is not so steep and relatively easy going up and down though mostly down and only a little bit up | the first and second stretch were well marked | the third stretch which started at the first stream crossing and comprised of many stream crossings with narrow and slippery trails along banks of the stream | the third stretch is the most difficult for the day | the third stretch was infested with leeches and sandflies | the only good thing about the third stretch is that there was no shortage of water | a nice waterfall with a swimable pool was passed at about 1.50 pm | the fourth and final stretch is relatively easy with dirt tracks followed by the tarred road running beside ulu kinta river and the dam until the gates to the dam area | the trek for this day was not particularly difficult although the knees took a beating | overall, the trek for the second day was the most difficult, followed by the trek on the first day and followed by the trek for the fourth day | the trek on the third day was the easiest | the trans titiwangsa trek was worse than expected and was quite challenging | do not relish a repeat |

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