Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yong belar-gayong-korbu trek day 3

| 13 october 2008 | had a good though interrupted night's sleep | woke up at about 6.30 am for breakfast | through the trek, had to cook own breakfast which for most comprised of instant noodles, cereals and coffee | trek started at 8.45 am and ah long predicted team would reach the peak of gunung korbu after 4.00 pm | as usual ah long's prediction was wrong as team arrived at the peak of gunung korbu at 2.2o pm | this was the easiest, shortest and most enjoyable trek of the 4 days trans titiwangsa trek | the start of the trail was the usual steep descent but not as steep or as treacherous as the descent from gunung yong belar | after the first hour, the trail became easier going up and down on mountain ridges until the final ascent to gunung korbu | enjoyed the trek as the view and scenery was very good | nice views and sceneries were in abundance | passed the peak of gunung gayong but did not stop as the guides failed to identify gunung gayong | the ascent to gunung korbu as relatively easy and "clean" | team was still "searching" for the peak of gunung gayong until arrival at the peak of gunung korbu where team was to camp for the night | initially team thought that the peak of gunung korbu was that of gunung gayong as the guides predicted that team would reach gunung gayong at about 2.00 pm | the joy of reaching the end of the trek for the day was tempered by dissapointment in not having identified the peak of gunung gayong | started to rain soon after arrival of gunung korbu | collected water from the rain using the canvas "roof" of the kitchen area | the water collected was also more than enough for cooking as washing up | with sexy eyes for company, had a good bath wearing only a poncho and briefs | surprisingly it did not that cold | i liked the rain | rain water can be easily collected using a poncho | had dinner at about 6.00 pm | dinner was the best during the trek and comprised of ladys fingers fried with sambal and garlic cloves, tuna, green beans, dried shrimps sambal, fried eggs, salted fish and a bit of curry chicken | enjoyable meal | chit chatted until about 8.00 pm when all went to bed | the campsite at the peak of gunung korbu was the best compared to the others | the campsite comprised of 3 pieces of relatively flat open spaces joint by short paths | kitchen was set up at the highest and middle space, the guides set up their tents at the lowest open space while all 3 tents for the team were set up at the open space closest to the view point for ipoh | from the campsite, there is a short path leading to a view point where ipoh town and the coast could be viewed | slept soundly until about 3.00 am when ah chui invited all to view the full moon just because she could not sleep after 1.00 am and started to cook right outside the tent shared by james, selama kong and clement | ah chui did not cook at the kitchen area because in 1999, 2 persons died of gas inhalation in their tent which was pitched next to the kitchen | for an eyewitness account in malay, please click here | ah chui was joined lee thiam huat and sexy eyes | had pre breakfast snack and went back to tent to resume sleep |

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