Wednesday, October 15, 2008

about titiwangsa traverse

| trans titiwangsa or titiwangsa traverse trek is a trek that covers 3 mountains namely gunung gayong, gunung yong belar and gunung korbu which are among the so call G-7 peaks of peninsular malaysia ie the 7 of the highest peaks in malaysia which incidently are the only peaks in peninsular malaysia which are higher than 7,000 feet | gunung korbu (7,162 feet or 2183 metres) is the 2nd highest peak in peninsular malaysia, gunung yong belar (7,156 feet or 2181 metres) the 3rd and gunung gayong (7,129 feet or 2173 metres) the 4th | the other G-7 peaks are gunung tahan (7,185 feet or 2187 metres), gunung chamah (7,123 feet or 2171 metres), gunung yong yap (7,113 feet or 2168 metres) and gunung ulu sepat (7,091 feet or 2161 metres) | trans titiwangsa trek is also known as titiwangsa traverse | for more information on the trans titiwangsa trek with suggested timelines, please click here or please click here |

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