Saturday, October 18, 2008

titiwangsa trek nutrition

| team | most appear to start the day with a packet of instant noodles and coffee | team did not stop for lunch | but team stopped quite randomnly to grab bites intermittently through trek | most team members were snacking on biscuits, sandwiches and chocolates during the trek | different persons appear to have different eating habits | most members have heavy dinner of rice and cooked dishes | appear hungry during dinner | personal | the following may not apply to all as it may well be personal | breakfasts consisted of 2 packets of 80g maggi mee, 2 eggs and 2 packets of 30g "3 in 1" either quaker oats or nestle nesvita cereals | the breakfast appear to suffice for about 8 hours of non stop trekking save for a mid trek snack of 2 power bars | dinners comprised of about 250g of rice and assorted cooked dishes | surprised that did not feel all that hungry during or for that matter even after the trek | not much of an appetite | just thirsty and tired most of the time | resources | to calculate the calories you need when inactive, please click here | to calculated the calories you need for various exercises including backpacking, please click here | once you have estimated the calories you need for the trek, eat accordingly | need not be exact calculation, as your body is able burn fat to supply some shortfall |

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