Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yong belar-gayong-korbu trek day 2

| 12 october 2008 | the trek would be from the peak of gunung yong belar to the peak of gunung junction | team was to camp at the peak of gunung junction | the trek was long and arduous and was the most difficult trek of the 4 days trans titiwangsa trek | the trek started at 9.00 am and reached the peak for gunung junction only about 6.00 pm with only short breaks | this trek can be divided into 4 stretches | the first stretch which was the initial descent from gunung yong belar was steep, muddy and involved some rather tricky bits | the second stretch which continued the descent was not as steep and relatively easy and ends at the stream crossing | arrived at the stream crossing and also the last waterpoint at about 2.00 pm | the third stretch commences with the steep, tiring and treacherous initial ascent of junction mountain | the fourth stretch which continued the ascent of junction mountain was relatively easier but still difficult and cold due to the rain | it also started to rain moderately at the start of the ascent and rain only stopped just before arrival at the peak | rain soon recommenced after tents were set up | had quick dinner of sardines, curry chicken and cucumber ably prepared by ah chui | rained through dinner | the campsite at the peak comprised of 2 flat areas joined by a short path of black mulchy messy mud | 4 tents were set up 1 for the guides and 3 for the 9 team members | felt that it was colder at the peak of gunung junction compared to the peak of gunung yong belar although gunung junction was significantly lower | went to bed right after dinner and slept rather soundly until about 2.00 am in the morning when for the guides woke up to cook themselves a meal | but fortunately was able to resume sleep after a while |

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