Wednesday, October 15, 2008

titiwangsa traverse team

| team | team comprised of clement (62 years old), pantai ong (60 years old), selama kong (53 years old), james (50 years old), sexy eyes (in his forties), lee thiam huat (in his forties), ah loong (in his thirties) and ah chui (in her thirties) | a big thank you to the team without whom the trans titiwangsa trek could not have been completed | a big thank you to all for good companionship throughout the trek | james | for being a good group leader and for organizing the trek and for looking out and deliberately slowing down for the weaker and slower trekkers and for dishing out some good advice and for carrying more than his fair share of generally shared items | clement | for completing the trek generally considered to be among the toughest trek in malaysia steadily and cheerfully and in good time and for inspiring others with his tenacity and determination | pantai ong | for completing the trek confidently and strongly and for carrying his fair share of water up steep and gruesome ascents to the peaks in wet and slippery conditions and for being always cheerful and confident and for bearing stoically with some loud snorings and for being generous with his personal items | selama kong | for displaying good strength and speed and for paying for the 100 plus drinks and char koay teow at the gates to the ulu kinta dam | sexy eyes | for showing up and showing the way despite completing the trek on 2 earlier ocassions and for being somewhat more knowledgeable than the guides and for cracking jokes to lighten the atmosphere and for providing transport to ipoh | lee thiam huat | for sharing his new tent and for not snoring | ah loong | for slowing down to allow slower trekker to catch up and for being good companion and for carrying more than his fair portion of items for the joint use of the team and for carrying more than his fair share of water up to the peaks and for being unrelentingly cheerful | ah chui | for putting male trekkers to shame with her display of strength and speed and for cooking all dinners and for ignoring the shameless exposure of male trekkers too tired to care about decencies |

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