Saturday, January 10, 2009

trong waterfalls

| 10 january 2009 | saturday | trek to sungai trong upper waterfall | trek inspired by the report at | exit north south plus highway at changkat jering toll | after paying toll, turn right at the first junction | drive on until reach trong traffic lights | go straight and turn left at the first junction after the traffic lights | go all the way until end of road where there was a small parking area | road was pretty level until after the bridge over sungai trong | thereafter it goes into a climb | there were places to set up camp between the road and sungai trong before the parking area | after the parking area the road became a dirt track | this track led to the upper trong waterfall | from the parking area, there was a steep flight of steps leading downwards to the lower trong waterfall | the lower trong waterfall was easy to find | the lower trong waterfall had 2 tiers | there were people swimming and dipping in the pool below the lower tier but no one seem to venture into the pool below the upper tier | did not go into the water | going to the upper trong waterfall was not so easy | the trek to the upper waterfall will take about 1.30 hours | the track became progressively narrower and overgrown closer to the upper waterfall but with some care and thought the track was discernible up to the upper waterfall | just before reaching the upper waterfall, there were 2 campsites | the first campsite can accommodate around 15 persons while the second and smaller campsite can only accommodate about 5 persons | beside the first and bigger campsite, the stream flowed gently and there was a big rocky area for sunbathing | the upper waterfall had 2 tiers | the pool below the lower tier looked nice | a narrow track led to the top of the upper tier | took 1 hour and 15 minutes to trek from parking area to first and bigger campsite | took 10 minutes to trek from first campsite to the second campsite | between the campsite is a nice pool | the second campsite was situated very close to the lower tier of the upper waterfall | took 15 minutes to climb from the bottom of the lower tier to the top of the upper tier | for the photos, please click here |

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