Saturday, January 3, 2009

tabur east trail

| 3 january 2008 | enjoyed tabur west trail very much | had time to kill until evening | decided to take a look at tabur east trail | at about 10.58 am arrived at the car park area under twin water pipes about 50 metres from trail head | while preparing for the trek, started to drizzle and then it rained | decided to go for teh tarik to sit out the rain | at about 12.15 pm rain was reduced again to drizzle, so decided to start the trek as have to finish trek before 3.00 pm | at 12.25 pm arrived at housing area next to the twin water pipes | nicer road and looked a safer place to park the car | was drizzling so after putting on a windbreaker, and putting stuff in plastic bags, started the trek | at 12.30 pm, arrived at trail head to the right of the twin water pipes, shortly after the pipes reach ground level | at the start the trail goes steeply upwards | during the upwards climb, the vegetation was typical rainforest | at 12.44 pm saw first moss which means that the vegetation will turn to shrubs and "bonsai" plants due to meagre soil on tabur ridge | 12.48 pm, arrived at first outcrop with a fine view of the klang gates dam | thereafter, the trail goes along the spine of the ridge except for parts where it winds down along the side of the ridge to avoid the breaks between the outcrops on the ridge | as with the tabur west trail, the scenery was beautiful | there was no one else on the trail and strangely enjoyed the solitude and peacefulness of the trek | at 1.25 pm, arrived at the middle of the climb to the last outcrop on the tabur east trail which was the only long steep climb on the ridge itself | there were ropes at hand for most the steep climb | reached the end of the east tabur trail at 1.33 pm | the trail ends with a steep drop | after a short rest for lunch, started the trek back to trail head | arrived safely to civilization at about 2.35 pm | it was an enjoyable trek | quite safe | only slightly harrowing experiences were as follows | the first was where the trail "dissappeared" just before the second last outcrop and was replaced by twin white lines on narrow rocks | follow the twin lines on the rocks and the trail will resume | the passage on the rocks were fairly level | not sure whether the twin white lines were natural or made by a kind samaritan | the second was where the trail appears to end on a steep drop on the way to the last outcrop | backtrack a bit | just before arriving at the drop you will find a trail to your right which goes off the ridge and goes along the side of the ridge | this trail goes a fair bit downwards before it head up again towards the last outcrop | at the end of this detour, arrive at the final steep climb up the rocks to the last and highest outcrop on the tabur east trail | strangely the third and the most harrowing occured on the way back immediately after the steep descent down the last outcrop | somehow missed the detour downwards to the side of the ridge | must have been day dreaming | went forward to another outcrop | at this outcrop which was covered with some kind of grass, spent some time looking for some way down to no avail | took some time to reflect | instead taking risk decided to back track | found the detour, indeed wondering how could have missed it in the first place and continued the track back without further incident | a pair of gloves are advised as got cuts on my hands although did not feel any pain during the trek itself | pain from cuts felt keenly when washing the hands | for some climbing, some flexibility will be required | all in all will revisit tabur east trail as the trek was enjoyable | fewer photos were taken during this trek as it was drizzling throughout and the kodak c713 used was not waterproof | the kodak c713 a faithful and much abused gadget of many treks started to act crazy during the trek but served till its last breath at the end of the trek | for the photos taken during the trek, please click here |

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