Tuesday, January 13, 2009


| 13 january 2009 | only learned to tie shoelaces not too long ago | apparently was tying shoelaces the wrong way for decades | not long after the trek to yong yap peak in november 2008, resolved that something must be done about the shoelaces which were undone annoyingly regularly | to tie the shoelaces with gloves and a backpack on the back can be quite a challenge and a tiring affair | in thick jungle the time taken to tie shoelaces may be enough for the person in front to disappear from sight | it was a relieve that there was a website to teach how to tie shoelaces | unbelievable | the site is named ian's shoelace site | learned that the reason why shoelaces were untied were because they were probably tied with a granny knot | learn more about the granny knot by clicking here | no wonder the shoelaces came undone | ian's shoelace siterecommended two alternative knots namely the fast ian knot and the secure ian knot | having tested both knots for more than 2 months in various trekking conditions, both the fast ian knot and the secure ian knot did what their jobs very well indeed | use the fast ian knot most of the time | but use the secure ian knot in treks where shoelaces may come in contact with plants, rocks and other things | take a look at ian's shoelace site and fairly sure you will learn something useful | to ian figgien, a big thank you |

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