Saturday, January 3, 2009

tabur west trail

| 3 january 2009 | woke up early | arrived at kolam air road at about 7.30 am | it was drizzling | waited for rain to stop |arrived at klang gates dam entrance at about 8.30 am | this is the starting point for the tabur west trail | trekking solo | reassured to see many cars parked near the entrance which is a good sign that there were many trekkers on the trail | there were 4 persons near the entrance at the time | was shown the trail head which was located about 10 metres on the road to the entrance | trail head was marked by a low and short cemented wall | the trail started with a steep uphill gradient which took about 10 minutes to complete | reached the ridge | thereafter the trail gradient became gradual except for the rock climbs to the outcrops | view along the trail while on the ridge was very good | enjoyed the experience | recommended trek | the trek is unique in the sense that the vegetation were stunted and the shrubs were unlike anything that can be found in the rainforest | the trail was exposed and could become rather hot under a strong sun | fortunately the sky was cloudy and overcast | it was a good trek | met some people along the trail | trail was very well marked and used | although there were some forks on the trail, the forks eventually come together so it did not matter which sub trail is chosen | for example, just before the place where a girl fell from the ridge on 14 october 2008, there was an alternative and safer route to the right | an early start is recommended so that you can tag along or alternatively you can stop and wait for others to ask for advice | the people met along the trail were universally friendly and will greet you with smiles | got some friendly advice from bob mini met at about 9.25 am | bob mini came from behind while was checking out site of the infamous accident | tagged along with bob mini thereafter | but no guide was necessary as the trail was clear enough | just before the last outcrop with mossy floor, there was a junction with another trail going downhill | took the alternative downhill trail but in retrospect ought to have backtracked as the alternative downhill trail was quite boring | would have enjoyed another stroll on the ridge | arrived back at trail head at about 10.50 am | do not find trail particularly dangerous | just use common sense | if the way forward look dangerous, there is probably an alternative route | trail safe with use of common sense | just do the trail | this is a trail worth savouring so take your time | will do it again | for the photos taken during the trek, please click here |

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