Thursday, January 1, 2009

putih hill

| 1 january 2009 | new year's day | slept at 3.00 am and woke up at 7.00 am | tough, almost decided to give the event a miss | anyway managed to get up and about | met up with a group of moths (malaysian outdoor trekking hiking society) members at a restaurant in taman taynton view in cheras at about 7.50 am | trek organized by toh say li | the trek was on the various trails at putih hill aka bukit putih aka bukit datuk aka ah pek hill aka ah pak san | headed to trail head after breakfast | reached the starting point of the trek at about 8.45 am | completed the trek at about 3.30 pm | highlights of the trek were station 6 which was located at the peak and the 2 waterfalls | the trails on putih hill were very well maintained | names and phone numbers of the putih hill maintenance and rescue team were posted at various places | it is almost impossible to get lost if one stays on the well marked trails | many people were trekking on puteh hill and one can always ask for directions | puteh hill trails provide a good place for exercise and training | if staying near puteh hill, use the trails for your regular exercise | the rumours concerning the "closure" of puteh hill trails were probably unfounded as the hill is rather big and the hill can be accessed from a few location | for the photos taken during the trek, please click here |

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