Monday, February 23, 2009

maxwell hill search and rescue

| 23 february 2009 | monday | 7.15 pm | got called from james aka fire yu about 5 teenagers who were lost in a jungle trail on maxwell hill aka bukit larut | was asked to join a search and rescue team | agreed | finished dinner, changed and packed | 7.45 pm | met up with fire yu, ah pian and ah chui at jeep station at foot of maxwell hill | fire yu was team leader with ah pian as co brain | fire yu and ah pian decided to enter the jungle from pondok tiga | got a ride from a jeep to pondok tiga | 8.20 pm | entered jungle | was dark | trail was lit using headlamps only | fortunately there were markings on the trees | also a paper trail was laid to enable team to get out if could not find another way out | the first part of the trek was fairly level until a stream was reached | team then trekked uphill towards the abandoned tea gardens | throughout the trek, fire yu was tooting a horn, ah pian and ah chui were calling out using their voices while yours truly made do with a whistle | 9.10 pm | break | ah pian and ah chui had food | heard another rescue team uphill tooting the jeep horn and shouting | shouted back | fire yu decided to trek downhill as contact was already made with the uphill rescue team | 9.20 pm | started downhill trek and search | 11.00 pm | arrived at water treatment plant at the foot of maxwell hill | met another rescue team | headed back to jeep station using road | 11.15 pm | started raining, fire yu decided to end the search and the team dispersed |

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