Saturday, February 21, 2009

bukit kutu trek

| 21 february 2009 | saturday | trek to bukit kutu aka gunung kutu | was lucky there were many trekkers on the trail and there were many numbered red and white plastic ribbons some with numbers to show the way | asked around and followed the ribbons to counter check | red and white plastic ribbons showed the way, especially the new ribbons with numbers in a circle | ribbon with the number 81 in a circle was tied at the clearing next to peak of bukit kutu | ribbons numbered in sequence | the higher up, the higher the number | just next to the peak there was a nice place to camp near lonely chimney with water from 2 wells | trek started from kampung pertak a modern orang asli kampung with brick bungalows mostly painted white | met many trekkers and picnickers on the way up and down bukit kutu | all friendly and helpful | without their directions and advices might not have reached the peak | kampung pertak is located 10 km from kuala kubu baru on the way to the gap and frasers hill | trek log and notes follows | 9.40 am | arrived at large field cum parking area immediately after kampung pertak | 9.48 am | start of trek | tar road for about 50 metres before start of dirt track | 9.53 am | crossed smallish stream via concrete bridge | miniature waterfall on the left | 10.00 am | crossed first concrete and steel bridge for motorcycles across a small stream | can also jump across stream | 10.05 am | arrival at first major fork | on the right at the fork, another concrete and steel bridge for motorcycles | bridge can be seen while approaching fork | mid section of the bridge already collapsed but bridged can be crossed without getting feet wet | right after bridge, there was a small campsite on the left | there was a 4wd vehicle parked at the campsite and some men cooking | 10.07 am | arrived at t-junction | you might miss it | another trail branches of perpendicularly to the right towards river | went straight to continue, did not turn right | 10.11 am | arrived at y-junction | at this fork, went straight to continue, did not turn left | 10.14 am | arrived at wide stream | can be crossed without getting feet wet using rocks to the right of the trail | no bridge, but stream can be crossed using 4wd | 10.16 am | immediately after the stream crossing, a fork | took the left side trail | the right will lead to a big campsite where a big group from universiti putra malaysia was camping | a 4wd vehicle was seen parked at the campsite | 10.17 am | crossed minor stream | there was what appeared to be a canvas toilet just across the stream probably set up by those camping at the aforesaid campsite | 10.19 am | reached another fork | took the right side trail | 10.24 am | crossed minor stream | hopped across | 10.27 am | leapt across another stream | 10.37 am | arrived at yellow wildlife reserve sign nailed to a tree on the left of the trail | but saw no wildlife at all | 10.40 am | arrived at big tree with exposed roots on the left side of the trail | caught up with another group of trekkers who was to camp on the peak | chit chatted | after the tree, trail goes steeply up | this would be the most difficult stretch of the trail | up and up with short stretches of gradual inclines | 10.57 am | caught up with 3 trekkers who have discontinued their treks as 1 was having cramps | chit chatted | trail went straight and steeply upwards | 11.15 am | arrived at first and smaller group of big rocks on the left side of the trail | stopped for snacks | 11.23 am | met a group of trekkers who spent the night on the peak | chit chatted | resumed trek | 11.27 am | sighted second and bigger collection of big rocks on the left side of the trail | turn sharply left towards the rocks | walk on a short stretch of rocky ground with the bigger rocks on the left until dirt trail resumes | these rocks will be a good resting place and were probably the big rocks noted by most trekkers | 11.37 am | arrived at the ridge | trail got easier after this with only 1 relatively short stretch of steep climb before the peak | upon reaching the ridge, on the left of the trail was an expansive view of faraway hills and mountains | cheer up as there would be no difficulty in reaching the peak if this point is achieved | 12.03 pm | start of relatively steep climb | 12.08 pm end of steep climb | at the end of the climb, a plastic bottle was hung on a tree | the trail turns sharply right and goes downwards after the plastic bottle | the downward stretch was followed by an upward stretch towards the peak | 12.15 pm | arrived at campsite next to the peak with a solitary chimney in the middle | there was a group of trekkers at the campsite and on the peak | passed several trekkers from the group on the way up | 12.21 pm | arrived at the peak and climbed to the second tallest rock outcrop for panoramic view | did not climb to the tallest rock outcrop as any slip would be result in injury | 12.28 pm | spread flysheet at campsite and relaxed | snacked and slept | explored campsite | chimney was most prominent feature | there were 2 wells with clear water although some rubbish were spotted at the bottom of the wells | one of the wells came with a plastic bucket with a string attaching it to the steel pipe beside the well | washed t-shirt and face | 1.25 pm | started downhill trek, passed several trekkers on the way up to spend the night at the campsite near peak | 2.01 pm | passed at the bigger collection of big rocks | did not pause | 2.28 pm | passed big tree with exposed roots | 2.45 pm | crossed bigger clearing and campsite and wide bridgeless stream | 3.03 pm | passed small clearing where 2 cars, a proton wira and a proton iswara was parked | this car park was ascessible via dirt track | 3.10 pm | back to parking area and parked car | change of clothing | drove to kuala kubu baru for late lunch |

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