Tuesday, December 23, 2008

rafflesia trek log

| 23 december 2008 | 10.45 am | arrived at kampung jedip by the side of the highway between simpang pulai and gua musang about 15 minutes drive after the junction to kampung raja | 10.50 am | start of trek | first part of trek was along a dirt track muddied and eroded by trucks used by tours organized by various agencies in tanah rata and brinchang | 11.50 am | arrived a parking area for the trucks | end of the dirt track for vehicles | 10.51 am | immediately after parking area, crossed stream on narrow bamboo bridge | 12.11 pm | arrived at open space beside small waterfall with swimmable pool | guide cut some bamboo so that trekkers can drink water from the inside of the bamboo | 12.36 pm | arrived at lata denkong a scenic waterfall | 12.37 pm | arrival at rather wide stream crossing | rafflesia kerii grows in abundance after the stream crossing | 12.45 pm | first rafflesia bloom sighted, only half open | 1.07 pm | second rafflesia bloom sighted, fully bloomed a few days old | 1.18 pm | third rafflesia bloom sighted, fully bloomed a few days old | 1.23 pm | fourth rafflesia bloom sighted, just about to bloom, shed outer shell | after this sighting, trek back to kampung jedip | 3.10 pm | arrival at kampung jedip |

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