Monday, November 3, 2008

maxwell hill waterfalls

| 1 november 2008 | 11.13 am | starting point of trek at indian temple on waterfall road | set out to trek to 2 waterfalls on maxwell hill with james yu and cikgu lee | ah chui and selama kong will start later but expected to catch up before second waterfall | trek on tarred road to taiping headworks gateway | turn right just beside the gateway | follow fence until barbed wire | climb over barb wire | turn right to go to first waterfall | turn left to go to second waterfall | 11.24 am | crossed iron bridge and arrived at first waterfall | at the foot of waterfall there is an intake for drinking water for taiping | so no messing around | 11.30 am | set out to second waterfall | trek to barb wire junction | turn left to go back to taiping headworks gateway | go straight to second waterfall | follow fencing until reach clear path to the right | turn right to go on path | trek along path | water pipeline parallel to the path | 11.50 am | arrived at a junction on the path | turn right to go to another intake for drinking water | continue straight pass a small stone bridge to go to waterfall | trek along path | 11.56 am | reached another water intake for drinking water | this is quite a scenic intake | there is a nice pool upstream of intake | there is another nice pool downstream of the intake | you can swim in the downstream pool | turn back at the intake and go back along the path for about 50 metres to an obscure junction | 12.04 am | reached obscure junction with small path going uphill to the left | follow path which goes uphill to the second waterfall | 12.20 pm | ah chui and selama kong caught up | 12.43 am | reached second waterfall | tall waterfall which can be seen from kamunting or from taman lake view | but disappointingly there was no swimable pool at the foot of the waterfall | had coffee | 2.15 pm | left waterfall | 3.15 pm | arrived at indian temple at the starting point of the trek | summary | an easy and enjoyable trek | plenty of leeches especially along the path beside water pipeline | however no swimable pools at the waterfalls | best place to swim would be downstream of the water intake at the end of the water pipeline | for the photos, please click here |

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